Think Kit – Blogging for Babies

Don’t get me wrong, I love this idea. The idea that you can start again. I can go back to ABC Mini-School from the days of my youth to learn my to read, make friends, play in the clovers – all while hoping I don’t step on another bee as you learn to walk.  This is exactly how I feel about participating in the SmallBox Think Kit blogging exercise.

What is Think Kit?

In 2011 the bright minds at SmallBox, an Indianapolis web design and marketing company, took it upon their shoulders to help all closet-bloggers to come out.  The Think Kit program starts on December 1 and ends at the end of the month with you having a great start to writing daily for the rest of the year.  They do this by getting you setup with a series of prompts or topics to write about each day.  Here are a few example prompts from over the years:

  • Your Year In Photos – sharing photos you have taken in the last year
  • Share something strange – share a strange or unique experience
  • Diagram it! – diagram your years activities: eating, drinking, working, etc.)
  • Let’s Rock – Share your favorite album from this year

Why Do This?

Well, why not? I’m sure there are a ton of reasons to do this, but the main reason is that it sounds fun.  As a designer, I typically see words a block of gray lines in my designs, but the more time I spend blogging for my company (WebLink International), the more I enjoy it.

But more than that, I should be good at this.  Not saying that it’s in my blood or that I’m related to some famous writer, but why should there only be 1000 words per picture? Beside that, writing intimidates me and I tend to not do it as much as I need to do it and this program is going to help me make myself better in 2015!

Also, I have to admit this isn’t the first time I’ve jumped on the Think Kit wagon.  Unfortunately, I was still buying my snacks for the trip when it took off – translated: I can’t think of a better excuse and again, I was intimidated. That confession out of the way, I feel it’s time that I buy another ticket and firmly plan my butt in my seat a week in advance!

Ready to Join Me?

If you think you might want to do this for your own enjoyment or as way to improve professionally, I highly recommend you sign-up.  We can grow up together!

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Hello World!

This is my world. My personal world where everything is fair game. If you say anything negative, that’s your given right.  Let’s just try to keep it clean – there are pre-school toys present.